Story Time & Craft—The students will enjoy a book, song, & craft related to themes such as fall, apples, farm, dinosaurs, etc. Ages 3-5

A-Z—Students will learn about their letters. The class will feature one letter a week with associated crafts and worksheets. Playdough, bingo daubers, lots of fun! Please donate one can of playdough per student.  Ages 3-5

Old Testament Bible Stories—This fall we'll walk through exciting accounts of the Old Testament with crafts and activities to make the stories come to life! Ages 3-5

PlayZone—After lunch, your preschooler will have a blast playing in our 4 level indoor playground. Ages 3-5

Nature Walk—Come join us for nature walks! In this class we will take a deeper look at nature and document all the things we learn. Students will need watercolor paints, brush, and a pencil. Grades K-3

Science—Students will learn an overview of ecosystems and animal studies. Grades K-3

JoyStix—In this class, we will explore some unique ways to showcase Psalm 100. Using broomsticks, barrels and buckets, we will make a joyful noise unto the Lord!! Grades K-12 

Literature Lapbooks—We will read some amazing books and create lapbooks digging deeper into the books we've read. Each student will need an 8 pack of file folders (manila or a variety of colors is fine). Grades K-3

PE/ Playground—Physical activity for your homeschoolers. Grades K-6

Elf Production—Students are introduce to theater and get to experience how it works as they participate in a large production of Thomas Meehan's Elf. Grades K-12

Elf Costuming & Props—This class will focus on assembling costume accessories, props, decor, and more for the Elf production. Grades 4-12

Geography—Students will study Geography over two semesters to journey through all seven continents. There will be a variety of games, puzzles, etc. Grades 4-8

Anatomy—Students will learn about the human body by participating in simple experiments and demonstrations as well as make simple models of body systems. Grades 4-8

Science Experiments—Students will be doing a fun science experiment every week. Grades 4-8

Crochet—The focus of crochet class is to learn the different terms and stitches to give you the confidence to create anything you want. Those just starting on the journey will learn to chain and create granny squares and those who are ready for more will learn home to make an amigurumi item. Beginners will need a size H hook (can find them at Walmart). Grades 4-Adult

Ecopolis—an economics/government resource where each person in the class plays a part in a simulated town.  Students get a chance to have jobs, make speeches, elect officials, pay taxes, compete in business and more. Grades 9-12

Debate—Students will have fun learning and discussing a variety of interesting topics. Working as teams, students foster critical thinking skills through research and oral presentations. Examples of debate topics could include, Cell phones are a necessity for students, thin crust pizza is better than thick crust pizza, history is the most important school subject, and the Xbox is the best gaming system. Grades 6-12

The Chosen—Students will watch and discuss The Chosen (Season 1), the first-ever multi-season series based on the true stories of the gospels of Jesus Christ. Grades 9-12

Career Prep—Students will study a variety of careers, required education, average salaries, etc. Students will do mock interviews and prepare a resume. We plan to have a job fair at the end of the semester. Grades 9-12

Pilgrim's Progress—Students will spend the semester reading and discussing The Pilgrim's Progress, the classic Christian allegory story by John Bunyan. Our goal will be to read portions of the book during the week and come together at co-op to discuss the characters, imagery, and themes as well as answer questions on how the allegory pertains to our lives today. At the end of the semester, we will plan to watch the CGI version of the movie as a celebration! Students will need to purchase/borrow a copy of the book. It is also available as an audio book. Grades 6-12