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One way to maximize online giving: Link your bank account instead of a credit or debit card to reduce transaction fees.


As followers of Christ, our goal should be to be completely generous with every part of our lives. That includes our time, talents and treasures. The funds given during the time of giving at Ekklesia are used to advance God's kingdom in the time and place where God has placed us.

Ministry is not cheap or free, and it takes a family committing to the goal together. Giving is an act of worship, saying that God is above and in control of all - even our finances. Giving is also an act of thanksgiving, as we are thankful that God was generous to us through the gift of his Son, Jesus. We seek to give joyfully and sacrificially as well as we desire to see God's kingdom advance to all corners of the world as well as here at home.

To give online, you can click the link above, or in the Ekklesia App (powered by 

The "One Time Gift" feature will allow you to choose your gift amount and give to the category of your choice.


The "Recurring Gift" feature will allow you to set up recurring amounts, perfect for handling your tithes! Regular giving is quickest in the Ekklesia App. This is a safe and secure way to give one time or set up recurring gifts so the ministry of Ekklesia can continue even if you happen to miss a service.


The "Round Up Only" feature will allow you to give the change on your purchases, rounded up to the nearest dollar. All of these proceeds go to the missions fund.


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All contributors will receive an annual giving statement for tax purposes and personal records.